Remote Reception

Holistic Practice Management offers the most professional and cost-effective reception services available.

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Virtual Assistant

Answering client calls, scheduling, answering emails can be added burden. Delegate these tasks to a reliable virtual assistant.

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A professional website is your main tool to boost your presence online. Domain registration, Web design and hosting, all-in-one package available.

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Since when did becoming a practitioner require becoming an office manager, receptionist, business manager, and webmaster? Nobody explained how stressful juggling all those hats could be! Phone calls, e-mail messages, and other tasks can really make life difficult for you. This is on top of the pressure of seeing clients/patients! Excessive stress interferes with your productivity and reduces your physical and emotional health.

But finally, there is a solution! Take it from us, we have been there. This service was designed BY a healthcare practitioner FOR YOU, a healthcare practitioner.

Do you answer your own phone and book your own appointments?
Is it sometimes stressful and time consuming?
Do you spend time answering general questions about your practice?
Do you answer your own general e-mails?
How about scheduling lectures, reordering supplements, sending intake forms?

We are here to lessen your burden. With the help of an INCREDIBLE team of receptionists and the latest in technology, we provide you with the solutions you need to lighten your daily routine at work. We help you stay productive while giving yourself enough time to relax and enjoy life to the fullest!


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Team Approach:

  • You won't be brought to your knees if your secretary is sick.
  • More thorough coverage for vacations, holidays.

Substantially LOWER costs:

  • Minimal training time.
  • Pay only for time on tasks
  • Virtually paper-free office. All faxing and messaging done electronically.


  • Having the support of a receptionist creates trust in your professionalism.
  • Let us help you stop sending your e-mails from hotmail, yahoo or gmail. We can set it up for you to use your webmail address instead! ( instead of

Let us figure the technology out for you!

  • Faxing, e-Mail, Website, Contacts and Tasks... Integrated!
  • Cost effectiveness will always be maintained, Guaranteed!

"I am happy that I now have more time to do the things that I am trained to do and I am not being distracted by phones ringing or answering emails. Having a live, friendly voice on the other end of the phone makes a difference in the patients response to making an appointment." - Dr. Amy Neuzil, ND

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