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Secretarial Services



INITIAL SETUP – $98 one time fee

Setting up your phone system
Setting up your calendar system
Developing scripts and protocols for your office manager
Training for you on your new office management software

RECEPTION READINESS FEE - $64.77 per month

This is the monthly fee to keep the receptionists prepared at all times to answer calls and handle your affairs competently.
It includes the enterprise phone system and a local or toll free phone number, even if you are forwarding your number to us.

SECRETARIAL TIME - $1.37 per minute in 1 minute intervals

Patient scheduling
Answering patient questions
Reading and answering e-mails
Booking extracurricular activities (yoga, workout, walking, etc)
Keeping you on task with important reminders

PROJECT WORK - $0.38 per minute in 1 minute intervals

This is work that does not require inbound call management:
Finding and booking lecture locations
Event planning
Database management
Marketing calls
Writing web pages and articles, etc.

Additional local numbers: $3.90 per month

Additional toll free numbers: $ 5.90 per month

Office phone, soft phone extension, fax line, or other additional lines: $9.90 per month

Phone Hub: Up to 6 converged phones, web access to set/modify rules: $9.90 per user per month

Switchboard: Access to full switchboard functionality: $9.90 per user per month

Setup and Activation of VoIP device: $197.00

Enable advanced features on Polycom or Snom Phones: One time $47.90 set-up fee

Usage of VoIP device: Free for the length of your service with us

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