Your office needs an affordable Professional Receptionist!

Holistic Practice Management will handle your calls and emails for you and work with existing staff to improve patient experience, patient retention, and your peace of mind.

Designed by a healthcare practitioner FOR YOU, a healthcare practitioner! Holistic Practice Management is here to alleviate your burden. With our INCREDIBLE team of receptionists and a process tailor-made for holistic practices, we provide you with the solutions you need to lighten your daily work load, helping you stay productive!

USA Receptionists

Receptionists have been picked based on their professionalism and reliability.

Email & Calendar Management

Our reliable receptionists can manage patient emails and appointment scheduling.

VoIP Phone Service

We can supply your office (and home) with a top notch Unified Communications system

No Lengthy Contract


There is no lengthy contract, and if you are not happy after the first month, let us know. So call or email today to find out if working with Holistic Practice Management will be right for your practice!

My practice would be unsustainable without Holistic Practice Management. Because my office is of limited space, I have been unable to add support staff on location as my practice has grown. In hindsight, I am thankful for that fact. HPM’s remote reception and office management services have given my patients a quality front desk experience at a fraction of the cost that an on-site front desk person would cost. As my business waxes in wanes in this economy, I am not tied down to the overhead of regular employee, yet I am able to use electronic health records, Google docs, and even remote screen viewing to seamlessly integrate HPM into my office systems. When I get faxes asking for prescription refills, my team is able to call in refills and enter the new medications directly into patient charts. I’ve created a Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of lab orders. My team checks this spreadsheet daily to update me with new labs that are received and to follow my instructions about calling and scheduling patients once labs are returned. My team also helps me with supplement orders, calls to insurance companies, demographic data entry, and functional lab analyses. In short, every time I get bogged down in some kind of office task, I spend 10 or 15 minutes training my team on how to take that task over. The relief of having a capable staff member take that task off my shoulders – at the cost of only a few dollars more – is truly a joy.

Dr. Travis Elliott

Holistic Practice Management has been instrumental in helping to grow my practice. I am able to relax knowing that phone calls and important tasks are being taken cared of by my team. My team, Nora and Debbie are very professional and excellent at communicating with my patients, and with me. They are wonderful people with pure hearts. Thank you HPM.

Patricia Pimentel Selassie

Doctor Selassie

Jessica, I’m sorry I don’t know her last name, from Tennessee has been answering my phone line for over a year. I want to take this opportunity to sing her praises. She is fantastic and has really allowed me to hand over the phones to her without feeling that I need to keep following up to prevent people from falling through the cracks. Prior to Jessica, I worked with several other women. Some ok and some terrible. I always felt like I had to pay attention to all of the incoming calls and messages. Jessica rarely misses a call and if she does, she returns it immediately. She follows up to be sure messages were taken care of. She is always pleasant and polite. I almost stopped using your service and then Jessica came on board. I like that the shift isn’t split anymore with two people. This provides congruence with my patients and they feel like they are getting personalized service.

Toni Eatros

Acupuncture and Natural Health Solutions


Holistic Practice Management offers the most professional and cost-effective reception services available.

Answering client calls, scheduling, answering emails can be added burden on your part. Delegate these tasks to a reliable virtual assistant.

With our Remote Team Approach:

You won’t be brought to your knees if your secretary is sick.

You will have more thorough coverage for vacations, or holidays.

You can stop hiring, training, firing, repeat.

Having the support of a dedicated reception team creates patient trust in your professionalism.

Substantially LOWER costs:

You will have more thorough coverage for vacations, or holidays.

You pay only for the time your staff works on tasks, not by the hour.

Virtually paper-free office. All faxing and messaging done electronically.

There is no lengthy contract, and if you are not happy after the first month, let us know.



Fill out our forms so we can get an understanding of how your practice works. We create an online manual and schedule a training session with your new team of personal receptionists. Unlike other services, you will only have 2 receptionists, one in the morning and one in the evening. These hand picked and well trained professional receptionists will get to know you, your practice, and even your patients by name, and deliver the kind of service you would hope for from in-house staff. You forward your phone to our system and you can even let us handle your practice phone number, reducing your costs. And with our high-tech phone system, we can make sure calls are directed wherever you would like them to be, either to our reception team, a phone in your office, or even the practitioner’s cell when needed. AND, with our system, you can make calls from your cellphone or computer, and patients will see your office number in the caller ID, NOT your cell number!

If you have in-house staff, we can reduce costs and improve patient experience by reducing the task load of your staff, allowing them to handle office management and patient flow tasks more efficiently. When they are out of the office, you will rest assured that your calls are being answered and every new patient who calls will have a good first impression. Our clients have stayed with us for years, through practice changes, office moves, maternity leaves, and more, as a testament to our quality and personal service.

There is no lengthy contract, and if you are not happy after the first month, let us know. So call or email today to find out if working with Holistic Practice Management will be right for your practice!