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How Do the Secretaries Know What to Say?

“How will your staff be able to answer questions about our practices such as, How does Dr. X handle fibromyalgia? or  How much experience does Dr. Y have with vasomotor rhinitis? It would be difficult to put all of this in a handbook for the secretaries to reference.”

During the setup period will create an online document together that provides the answers to all the questions we can.

  • When a patient asks a question that the secretary cannot answer, the secretary will call the appropriate person and find the answer, then respond to the patient. The secretary will log the answer in the online document for future reference by the other secretaries.
  • There are some blanket responses we can develop, such as ” Doctor X has experience treating condition Y” if you choose. Also, the secretaries are familiar with patient care and can use some judgment when appropriate.

Calendar integration?

“I use a specific web calendar. Can you integrate with it?” Yes! We Can!

  • If it integrates with iCal or google calendars we can integrate easily.
  • If not, we will need a login.

Time Critical Situations?

“How do you handle time critical situations? For example, what happens if a patient calls with an urgent situation and needs to see one of the doctors right away? How would you handle late cancellations ?”

You have a few options for emergency situations:

  • The most common is is to have an option on our phone system that forwards emergency patient calls to the emergency contact of your choice (pager, on call staff person or doc, etc).
    -This option can be secret and you give it only to select patients in critical situations.
  • Another is to have the secretaries immediately call the contact of your choice.
  • Late cancellations could also be handled in the way you choose. The secretaries will call the appropriate person directly to inform them of the cancellation if it is within 48 hours. They could also initiate a late cancellation fee.

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