Your Receptionists

I love my job working for HPM. I can make a difference in the practices of the ​practitioners we represent. The first impression is so important, and I am happy to be that voice that makes the patients feel right at home. I have worked in the Customer Service Field for many years and can continue to serve others right from my home office. I am grateful always to HPM and our ​Clients for this opportunity.

Debbie Lynn Willoughby


I have wanted to be a receptionist for as long as I can remember.  I used to play secretary all the time growing up.  For many years I battled with some medical issues that my doctors couldn’t figure out.  One day a friend suggested a naturopath. Through that ND I have seen most of my health issues either resolved or finally under control. I now feel I have the best job ever – being a receptionist and working w naturopaths and others who want to find the root cause of health issues and treat through natural ways. I love my job and am thrilled to be able to see others benefit like I have.

Shantell Willis


I have always been someone who enjoys helping other people. As the oldest child of four, it has always been my desire to help and care for others. I love to learn new things, and everyday I am taught something new.It is rewarding to be a part of a team who cares so much for each other and the doctors that we assist.

Amanda Coffey


I love working for HPM and began shortly after its inception several years ago. I am a certified Dental hygienist with a minor degree in nutrition. I have had an interest in healthcare and especially integrative practices for many years. This opportunity fit my current lifestyle and interests to the utmost degree. I adore the doctors who I work for and many have been part of this team for over 6 years. I have found everything I do at HPM to be fun and rewarding.

Patty Piccarreto


I have been a life long student of the Healing Arts with a special passion for Holistic Healthcare. I am honored to be part of the critical support network dedicated to helping practitioners grow their practices and share their gifts. The opportunity Holistic Practice Management has provided me is truly rewarding, both professionally and personally. I am privileged to be a member of this team!

Audrey Van Kuren


I enjoy the flexibility that HPM has been able to offer. We have the ability to work from home and still be able to help your practices to grow. Whether it be through answering phones, scheduling appointments, placing supplement orders, or calling in prescriptions I enjoy being able to help practices succeed.

Jolyn Torp