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We offer the following services as both stand-alone and inter-operable offerings.

For example, you may need a cost-effective phone solution for your existing in-house receptionist. However, you may also need remote reception services for days of the week the receptionist does not come in, or on sick days.

We can build you a top-notch professional website which you can manage yourself, or you can have our webmaster, receptionists and assistants help you with maintaining and building your website at VERY reasonable rates.

Similarly, you may need a newsletter system for your practice, or you may need a full-service auto-responder and monthly newsletter service.

Our Virtual Assistant Services can be used as a stand-alone service in pre-paid 5 hour increments, or as an addendum to receptionist services, billed in 1 minute increments at the end of the month.

Need a Website?

We offer more than just a beautifully designed, professional website. We will handle your domain and hosting needs, anything you need for a fully-functional website.

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