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Cost-effective reception services

Holistic Practice Management offers the most professional and cost-effective reception services available, AND we specialize in independent healthcare offices!

All of the receptionists have been painstakingly picked from thousands of applicants based on their professionalism and reliability, as well as their experience with holistic health. They will represent you and advocate for your services with every call.

Here is a comparison between our service, a receptionist on location, and comparable advertised services:

 Holistic Practice ManagementReceptionistCall Desk
Dedicated Team?MaybeUnlikely
Small Team?Maybe
Familiar and dedicated to holistic Medicine?Maybe
Help in the office?
Full Coverage?
Free from hassle of managing Employees?
Free from hassle of Payroll?
Free from hassle of employment Taxes?
Free from hassle of managing Vacation Time?
Free from hassle of Sick Leave?
Does the service include the flexibility to seamlessly add on much needed services?Unlikely
Calendar where you want it?Yes, almost anywhereMaybeMaybe
eMail management?Unlikely
Cost?$1.66 per minute reception work
Monthly readiness fee: $69.00 per month
Hourly, reguardless of outputMonthly plans:
$0.99 per minute to
$1.89 per minute

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