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We know the needs of small practices like yours. The right technology can really reduce the administrative burden.

But how much time will it take for you to research the different systems, implement them, tweak them, troubleshoot them, and maybe decide that the other system was the right choice?

We have tried them all, weighed the pros and cons, and offer that expertise to you.

Our low cost for implementation is hard to beat!



WEBSITE HOSTING – 8$ per month includes hosting a content management system

  • We recommend WordPress as a website because it is inherently search engine optimizable and there is a strong community of developers creating free or inexpensive modules for it.

We offer full service domain registration, hosting, shopping carts, secure socket layers (SSL) and more. These services comes with 24 hour support.

To get started, create an account and register your domain or purchase your service.

If you have concerns about choosing a domain, set up a 10 minute consultation with Dr. Sam Schikowitz to evaluate your options. 888-337-3381 Click here for your Domain and Hosting needs.



CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SETUP – $100.00 for the initial setup of your content management system

  • We will install WordPress Joomla!, Drupal, or others, but we recommend WordPress. This includes domain management if required if you already have a website elsewhere.
  • This will allow you to manage your own website without knowing any code!
  • We will change the look and feel of your website to your specifications at a price that is hard to match elsewhere. Especially when you consider what we know about the needs of your patients!

Click here to view our portfolio. In addition, you may select Premium Themes from Elegant Themes.



WEBMAIL and ONLINE DOCUMENT SETUP – $100.00 One time fee

This will switch you gently to you@yourdamain, as well as create support mailboxes (contact@yourdomain, orders@yourdomain that help increase professionality and eventually separate you from tasks you should not be doing!

Stop sending clinic mail through Yahoo or Gmail! It looks unprofessional!

Let our expertise guide you in the setup of your webmail. It is important to have separation between you@yourdomain and the initial contact@yourdomain. There are many options, and only a few are worth using. We recommend google apps. But don’t waste your time learning the system. Let us set it up for you.



BLOGGING, ARTICLE WRITING, TWEETING – $20 to 35$ per hour depending on technical requirements

There are many options available. Talk to us about which will work for you.



WEBSTORE SETUP – $24 to $50 per hour depending on technical requirements.

For example, we charge $50 per hour for setting up the technical aspects and coding for the store, but we charge $24 per hour for handling and importing products, managing sales, etc. There are many options. Talk with us about which will work for you!

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