Dr Sarah SkoloutI was having a lot of no shows.  Having a live person to take over that responsibility has greatly reduced the problem. РDr. Sarah Skolout

Hello All! Thank you for your great service to me and my patients this past year. I send my best wishes for Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous Holidays! – Damien Brandeis

Just an FYI – we are getting very nice comments from patients about our new answering service ūüôā Thank you! – Dr. Kelley R. Reis

My practice would be unsustainable without Holistic Practice Management.¬†Because my office is of limited space, I have been unable to add support staff on location as my practice has grown. ¬†In hindsight, I am thankful for that fact. HPM’s remote reception and office management services have given my patients a quality front desk experience at a fraction of the cost that an on-site front desk person would cost. ¬†As my business waxes in wanes in this economy, I am not tied down to the overhead of regular employee, yet I am able to use electronic health records,¬†Google¬†docs, and even remote screen viewing to seamlessly integrate HPM into my office systems. ¬†When I get faxes asking for prescription refills, my team is able to call in refills and enter the new medications directly into patient charts. ¬†I’ve created a Google docs spreadsheet to keep track of lab orders. ¬†My team checks this spreadsheet daily to update me with new labs that are received and to follow my instructions about calling and scheduling patients once labs are returned. ¬†My team also helps me with supplement orders, calls to insurance companies, demographic data entry, and functional lab analyses. ¬†In short, every time I get bogged down in some kind of office task, I spend 10 or 15 minutes training my team on how to take that task over. ¬†The relief of having a capable staff member take that task off my shoulders – at the cost of only a few dollars more – is truly a joy. – Dr.¬†Travis Elliott

These guys rock. They are courteous and professional, while still matching my energy level. Now I go about my day confident that my practice is not only taken care of, but growing. – Dr. Lisa Gengo

I am going to be adding another day of service to my practice because of your help. HPM has really been there for me. When I needed marketing solutions, HPM set me up with with a Virtual Secretary who was eager to help  and a system that has helped me track my progress with my efforts to expand my client list. Every time I thought of any thing I needed to help my business, I have come to HPM and they have provided a solution.  Just recently I have decide to add Practice Fusion at Dr Sam’s suggestion.  I have relied on HPM for all practice’s needs. Nora is a wonderful presence for my clients, who have repeatedly gone out of their way to mention how impressed  they are with her. She has that great customer service touch that makes people feel special! HPM has been a great resource for my practice, answering phones, scheduling and picking up extra tasks whenever I ask them to. The scalability is a wonderful part of the inter-connectivity in the world made possible by the internet. I highly recommend Nora and Holistic Practice Management, as parts of the puzzle that could make your practice whole! РKarma Lhundup L.Ac, Zebra Points

The staff at HPM is fantastic.¬†They’ve¬†not only reduced my workload, but my patients love them. They are friendly, responsible, and very professional. A better financial alternative to an¬†in-house¬†receptionist¬† – Sherri Jacobs, ND, CNS

Holistic Practice Management has been instrumental in helping to grow my practice. I am able to relax knowing that phone calls and important tasks are being taken cared of by my team. My team, Nora and Debbie are very professional and excellent at communicating with my patients, and with me. They are wonderful people with pure hearts. Thank you HPM. Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie

I am happy that I now have more time to do the things that I am trained to do and I am not being distracted by phones ringing or answering emails. Having a live, friendly voice on the other end of the phone makes a difference in the patients response to making an appointment. – Dr. Amy Neuzil

I have been more than pleased with the services provided by Holistic Practice Management.  As a new naturopathic doctor juggling many work functions (working full time in hospital administration in NY, and part-time as a naturopathic consultant in NJ), I have found the services to be highly beneficial by eliminating some of the work load, follow-up, and other administrative duties that I have very little time for.  Additionally, in a short period of time, I was able to increase new client appointments, in addition to follow up visits, which more than compensates for the cost of the services. My clients have informed me that they find the assistants with Holistic Practice Management to be both courteous and professional, which makes me very confident with the service they provide.  I have found the staff to be friendly, dedicated and easy to work with.  Additionally, it is absolutely wonderful to have assistants who are knowledgeable of naturopathic and alternative medicine, unlike a typical operating answering service, which is a unique function and comforting as a doctor.  I have been telling everyone I know, especially new graduates like myself, how excellent, enthused, and pleased I have been with the service and have told them that they should seriously consider the use of the services offered by Holistic Practice Management.  I would highly recommend the services of Holistic Practice Management to anyone! РDr. Jaquel Patterson, N.D.

This service has been ideal for me¬†in my growing practice. I have been saved the hassles of finding, hiring, training, developing systems, payroll, taxes, etc, etc, etc. My patients like my secretaries, the service is extremely affordable, especially considering the many tasks they perform for me. They check all email, answer all calls, follow-up and remind patients of upcoming visits, answer questions, book speaking engagements, and more. The reduction from missed appointments due to reminder calls has already paid for the service, let alone the reduction in hassles and the improved image of having a receptionist.¬†Another benefit has been that when my practice is busy, I pay more for the increased workload the secretaries perform, but when things are slower, I‚Äôm not paying someone to sit around. It always matches my need.¬†The Holistic Practice Management system is efficient and well-designed. When anything changes in my practice, I simply change the on-line manual and tell the secretaries what has changed. They immediately use the new schedule, pricing, etc. I can make the changes from anywhere with an internet connection.¬†I recommend this service to any doctor or practitioner who doesn’t need a full-time receptionist. – Dr. James Prego, ND

Dr Vaughn BowmanThey’ve¬†given me back the time I need do what‚Äôs important: Heal. I don‚Äôt have to juggle supplement orders, appointment scheduling and general questions around seeing patients anymore. These receptionist are fantastic and affordable, my clients and I love them. –¬†Vaughn Bowman

Kay SpearsI am always on the go. HPM makes it possible for me to maintain my level of activity without hurting my practice. They take care of so much. –¬†Kay Spears

Kay SpearsI am always on the go. HPM makes it possible for me to maintain my level of activity without hurting my practice. They take care of so much. –¬†Kay Spears

For me it is great! I got great feedback from several patients without even me prompting it. You ladies? Just keep in mind to ask questions regarding health insurance coverage stuff as it comes up and it will become quite routine. Take care –¬†Athina¬†

I only recently started with HPM, but the level of communication and involvement from the entire company has greatly impressed me. I look forward to building a lasting relationship with them. –¬†Rob Teranella

You‚Äôre followups are immensely helpful! ¬†Thank You. –¬†Cassandra Mannhardt

Dr Andrew LitchyThank you for your help. Today has been a bit of a busy Monday, and it makes me so relieved to see all your great work! I really appreciate what you do, and I think you do a marvelous job.  Also, people quite frequently tell me about how much they enjoy talking with you, specifically! So, thank you again. РAndrew Litchy, ND 

The power to the whole building is out- cords knocked down. Please forward all calls to HPM until will know what to do. I love love love HPM!! Thanks~ –¬†Dr. Meaghan Dishman ND, LAc, MSOM

Putting it simply, working with HPM has made my life easier. They are friendly, professional and reliable – everything you could want in an experienced front desk staff. I only wish we had signed up for the service sooner. –¬†Dr. Taryn Deane, ND

How did I get on without you two? I’m barely treading water over here (I know, my schedule doesn’t look that packed… but goodness, life + kids + business + patients adds up quickly!) and would be missing all my calls were you not picking them up. So, thanks. – Karis Tressel, ND

Patty and Debbie, I’m not sure Sam has let you know, but I’m moving toward having a receptionist in-house as of next week, which means we’ll no longer be working together, sadly. I’ve really benefited so much from both of your expertise and professionalism and it’s been an absolute joy to work with you. And my patients have such great things to say about both of you too. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your help, how much easier it’s made my job! I’ve realized over the last month that having someone working next to me is probably going to be a good bet, so I’ve decided to make that leap. But I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you ever so much. Even though we haven’t met in person, I feel like I know you. ūüôā And, well, we have another two days together. ūüôā Maura