Thanks for getting started with HPM!

pieBecause of the high standard of service we hold ourselves to, there are a few steps involved in getting started with us.

  1. You will need to sign our contract. Services Contract
  2. Next, We will need to get credit card information. You will have to call us for this step: 888-337-3381
  3. There are forms you will have to fill out depending on the service you are using:

If you are using our web services, please fill out the Website Questionnaire:

Website Questionnaire

If you are using our marketing services, please fill out the Marketing Questionnaire:

Marketing Questionnaire

If you are starting with our reception services, we need to know a little about the nuts and bolts of your practice… names, numbers, websites, etc. Our Reception Services Form helps you share that information.

Reception Services

When you have completed that, we will need some details about how you would prefer the receptionists interact with you and your patients/clients. How much support would you like us to provide? Our Service Options form will help you decide. We don’t need this form right away, and you can always change these options later!

Service Options Form

The last form you will need to fill is the Reception Scripts form. This form helps us fine tune how your team communicates to your Clients /Patients. Again, this is not needed immediately, and these options can be updated as we go.

Reception Scripts

If you are starting with a Virtual Assistant Package, just call 888-337-3381 to get started.

If you are needing a Phone System, call 888-337-3381 to get started.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Just call us at 888-337-3381 and we will walk you through any questions or concerns.

Be well!

Dr. Sam

What can your Remote Practice Manager do for you? You would be surprised!

Tasks include:
[list icon=”fa-check” icon_color=”green”]

  • Patient scheduling.
  • Reading and answering e-mail.
  • Billing
  • Booking extracurricular activities (yoga, workout, walking, etc.)
  • Booking talks (researching locations, organizing, event planning, etc.)
  • Keeping you on task with important reminders.
  • Virtually any task that doesn’t require physical presence (surprisingly few require a physical presence!)