First of all, I’d like to tell you that this service is a labor of love from me to my colleagues. When I graduated from Bastyr University and first started my practice in the unlicensed state of New York in 2004, I was pretty stressed out with the many tasks new graduates in a solo practice face: Developing comfort and skill in seeing patients, learning the business of a practice, and handling my relocation and family.

This was in addition to the incredible administrative burden of answering the phone, scheduling appointments, explaining my practice and answering questions, giving reminder calls, checking in with patients, handling patient orders, booking talks, the list seemed endless.

In my conversations with my colleagues, I realized that they were having the same problems. I decided to look for a solution. I researched the many options available and realized I had the skills to create something that better meets the specific needs of small practice health care providers like myself.

Over the years I refined the service. I used it myself and made it available to close friends. I have hand-picked and trained the best assistants from scores of applicants over the years. I streamlined the process to make sure the assistants were as happy and as stress-free as possible, as well as minimize the management time on the practitioner’s side.

Now this incredibly efficient and cost effective service is available to you.

The service is simple:

  • We provide you with a toll-free or local number, or you can forward your existing calls into our system. Either way, the cost is 55$ per month for the system. This is less than a land line or cellphone. We can give patients an option to forward their calls to your cell and/or home phone, and you have the option to see if the call is coming through your practice phone. In this way you will never have to give out a personal number to patients.
  • Combining your needs and our experience, and with the information you provide through our online questionnaire, we develop the manual your secretaries will use to speak with your patients. This document includes your business hours, visit costs, FAQs, phone message wording, and more, and is refined over time. The secretaries develop a working relationship with you and respond to your requests and changing needs.
  • The secretaries log every interaction on your behalf, and the log is available and audited by management regularly. You are charged in 1 minute intervals which reduces cost. $0.40 per minute for project work and $0.75 per minute for inbound calls. Your cost will be in direct proportion to how busy your practice is. You have someone answering your phone 10 hours per day 5 days per week, and you don’t have to pay staff for idle time.

This service has gotten rave reviews from all users, practitioner and patient alike. I hope it meets your needs.

Be well,

Dr. Sam