What Clients Say

“One of the very best decisions I’ve made in my practice is to secure a virtual assistant from Holistic Practice Management. My assistant does a phenomenal job answering my phone, navigating client questions (and sometimes challenging clients), and keeping me updated. Communication is always quick and in the format that is most convenient for me, which is a lifesaver. What I particularly appreciate is the personal approach – my clients enjoy talking to my VA because they get the same person every time who manages their concerns with empathy and patience. I wish I would have known about Holistic Practice Management sooner – it would have smoothed out some of the challenges in the early days of my practice. They come highly recommended.”

I’ve used Holistic Practice Management for almost 3 years now.  Having a virtual assistant has been vital to my practice. I have a small practice so utilizing a virtual assistant has allowed me to keep my overhead manageable while making sure my phones are always answered.  Having a polite and professional person answer your phones is vital to your practice!! The HPM team are all professional and keep up with changing trends when it comes to using a virtual assistant. The initial setup was well organized and painless.  It’s very easy to update the process with my VA’s as my practice changes and grows. I highly recommend them.

“Using HPM for my reception team has helped grow my practice and become more efficient! I recommend using HPM for your practice management needs!”

“Holistic Practice Management has been indispensable to the success of my practice. Over the years, I’ve used several of their services from remote reception to phone services, and they’ve always been incredibly reliable, professional and helpful. Any time my staff or I need help, they are immediately available and quickly resolve our questions. As a naturopath, I really like that they understand the specific needs of a holistic medical practice. I highly recommend HPM’s services to any practitioner looking for excellent support services.”

“We have been using Holistic Practice Management for the last 4 years and love them! We have had the same receptionist, Anna, for the entirety of this time and she has really become a part of our team! She has been incredibly professional and thorough, and prompt with answering calls and getting us messages in a timely manner. If a procedure needs to be changed, she is quick to adjust and open to suggestions when we have them. Our business has definitely grown because of this service, and it has allowed our doctors more time to do other clinical tasks. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Holistic Practice Management has been an integral part of my team since day one. They have been incredibly professional, responsive, flexible and willing to learn the nuances of my practice. I never have to worry about fielding calls because HPM is on top of it, allowing me more time to focus on taking care of patients. Having a virtual assistant has been invaluable in keeping costs down while offering high quality administrative support. Communication with the HPM team has been a breeze and I am thankful to have them on board.

“I have been using Holistic Practice Management since I opened my practice in 2011. It was a huge plus to have help before I even could hire an in-office person to help me, and continues to be essential in practice even with an office assistant. We are only in the office three days per week and having phones available all week is really a good thing. They answer my calls so we can get other things done and make some of those tricky calls to people we don’t want to make (thanks all!). They are always very professional and communicate quickly via phone, e-mail and text. The web guy also helped me get my website up and running and is always available for questions, problems and updates and their rates are excellent as well. Thanks for all you do!”

“I have happily employed the services of HPM for almost 10 years. I depend on their competent services as an affordable, professional and trustworthy compliment to my private practice. They are particularly beneficial when I am traveling or out of the office.”

“As a naturopathic doctor working in a large urban setting, having reliable administrative support is imperative to my success. I can testify that the professional services and integrity of Holistic Practice Management are impeccable. I have been with the organization for over eight years. Patient scheduling and follow up calls are completed in a timely and professional manner. My patients often comment on how pleasant and enjoyable their interaction is with reception. In fact, the receptionists make it so that healing for the patient starts even before they come into my office! My receptionists are like family. Honestly, they have supported and encouraged me to be the best naturopathic doctor I can be. HPM goes above and beyond and I give them the highest recommendations. “

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